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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Truth about 7 CPC recommendations

7th CPC have submitted report  to Govt of India. Media reported a BONANZA for central Govt employees and pensioner, Economists shown their concern about fiscal deficit,  private employees see it as Malai,  marketing companies described it a boon for slow market. I also felt ACHHE DIN AANE BALE HAI , and started calculation to know whether a MAKAAN or a SUV can I purchase.

Salary slip of a group B employee is/will be as under:-

Basic Pay      17140    44900
DA@125%     21425        000
TPT+Da           3600      3600
HRA                   000         000

GROSS PAY  42165   48500

Mandatory recoveries

GPF/NPS     3857         4490
CGEIS               60         2500
I. Tax             1256        1909
L. Fee              200          600
CGHS              325          975

TOTAL         5698       10474

NET Pay     36467       38026

VII CPC                           1559

Finally I come to know  - makaan aur SUV kya ek cycle bhee nahin aa saktee.  Yah bhee pata chala ki hamare desh me achhe din kyun nahin aa rahe. Actually, we have poor Economists,  a sensational and irresponsible media, innocent people and "10 saal k baad  4.275% net increase paakar itni aalochana sunane bala" bechara central Govt karmchaari.

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