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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hymns for Children

 Dear children,

Like 'Gajananam', here is another small and simple stotram, I am sure, you would be reciting daily, before the assembly of deities at home. If not, better start now. You will enjoy more, when you know the meaning.

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ
निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा

Vakratunda Mahaakaaya
Surykodi samaprabha
Nirvighnam kuru may Deva
Sarva karyeshu sarvada

"Swamin,  remove the obstacles to all my actions, you with a  curved trunk , mighty body and magnificence of a million suns ." Very simple, right ? . Easy to learn and easy to understand the meaning.-.

First, the word by word  meaning.
Vakra--- curved.
Thunda-- trunk
Mahaa kaaya -  with large, Big, strong body.
Surya koti- milllions of suns
sama prabha- equal splendour, opulence
Nirvighanam kuru- make obstacle-free
Deva-- God!
Sarva karyeshu- in all work
Sarvada -always.
Charm of the hymn :

' Vakra budhi'-  you would have heard your father using this adjective, while talking about someone, who doesn't think or talk properly, who thinks Topsy Turvy . You , of course, are not a vakrabudhi..
 If you were, you would not be sitting before the deities and recite hymns. Your budhi , intelligence,  is straight like a stick. Ganpathi's trunk also is straight but he curls it . Why ? To tell you,
" look, I have a straight trunk which I curl but I can bring it back to its original shape. You are born and blessed with good 'budhi' or intelligence which, at times, might go astray. Bring it back, as I do " 

You remember, in the 'Agajanana padmarkkam' slokam, you prayed to the Eakadantha Baghavan, who gives anaekam to his devotees ? One of the 'aneka, many blessings, include 'salbudhi-good mind, good intelligence, good thoughts. You pray for that, you will get it.

 His body is huge; if there is  a road- block on your path, be assured that however huge and indomitable it is, Mahaganapathi  will smash it or minuscule  and push it below his seat. You see a small animal there?  What are these road blocks, you may wonder. You are good in your studies, have prepared well for the examination. Still, it is possible that on the day of your test, you are retained to your bed by a viral attack . Gone in the wind all your efforts. I had exactly the same blockade just a day before my degree exam and I could not move out of my house. It is not difficult for you to guess the result. Fut . Gone all the efforts put in, all the years ! Mind you, I was a good student . Such obstructions are bound to occur at several stages in life, for you or any other person.We pray the Lord Vigneswara to help us, by removing those. 

"You will not ask the stupid question, as we, some elders do, 'what is the guarantee that my prayer will help me to tide over problems?"

No guaranty at all.. What I explained to you is purely on the basis on faith and faith doesn't work or stamp paper agreements or even oral assurances. Faith is just faith. Now, you are a child. Go by the advise of your parents who are the best well-wishers of you in this world. 

" I want to question them, now itself, " you might be a 'mondi' as I was, in your age. You know what my father used to say ?  "To ask question, you should have the basic knowledge of the topic. I am now giving you that knowledge ."  So, what I am teaching you now is only to gain that basic knowledge.

 All the best in your process of learning.

Now comes the most important part. Concentration and meditation. . You would have heard the 'sabdam', or sound, ॐ 'Ohm'.. The mantras of mantras, Gayathri mantrams, starts with this sound, Many  other important mantrams too start with  ॐ is the moolamantram, the root of all our mantrams. We believe that before the universe came into existence, there was only Ohmkaram, the sound Ohm. The symbol,  ॐ  represents that sacred sound and the Vakrathunda Ganapathy with the brilliance of 'koti surya prabha', million suns, is considered to be the  magnified form,. Try to draw that picture in your mind and concentrate . At this stage, don't worry about the various weapons and other attributes of the god, which might confuse you. Look at his face, big ears, crooked trunk which is bent in the form of Ohm and the all pervading 'jothy', brilliance.

 Done? Wonderful. Go and play. While playing ,concentrate on play and while praying concentrate on prayer, the idol before you. You don't do research on the stotram. That is only a tool to help you in meditation. Even with out stotrams and idols, you can worship, you can meditate . But not now. A child of your age has done that too. His name is Druva son of king Uthanapaada. Another child was Prahlaada, son of Hiranyakasipu. But every child is not born with the 'budhi' of  Druva or Prahalada. Don't worry about that . Your budhi is bright enough to learn the stotras. And if it get twisted like 'vakra thunda', Mahaganapathi will bring it back to normal shape .

Concentrate on prayer, while praying ; not on your new ball or bat..

While playing, concentrate on your ball, bat, ground and co-players and  not on prayer or idols.

 Concentrate on your teacher and what he teaches, while in a class room and not on anything else including the prayer or pooja.. Training your mind to concentrate on the praticular act you are involved in, at a particular time, eases the work of Mahaganapathy, The possibility of obstacle formation on your way will be minimum. Your parents, teachers, god -all are happy. And above all you will be happy.

Study well, play well, behave well.

All the best. . 

Dear---- who wrote as below :

" Respected sir:

                 ' So happy to see your mail, I have no words to thank you. I am forwarding this to my children, grand children and all other children known to me.   I would request you  to write about the other daily slokas - Gajananam, Yakunthenthu, Sarvemangala Mangalye and other small and regular slokas. This will be a great contribution by you. 
 With respectful regards

This commentary is mainly for your children. Hoping that one or two others too might find this useful, I am forwarding to the group moderators.. It was your inspiration, behind my continued writing. Thanks for that.

Love and regards,
New Jersey
April 15, 2012

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